Confused. What should I do?


So I have a really close friend. He likes to chat with me till hours.
He is nice and funny that’s why I like him.
He likes another girl. The girl is so stubborn. So I insisted to help him to get this girl to be his girlfriend. He always ask me advices since then
I know it hurts but i still do so because I prefer his happiness than me.
I told him to approach her. But he didn’t. He approached me instead.
I told him to talk to her the next day. But he didn’t. He talked to me that day.
I told him to tease her playfully. But no, he teased me.
So I started to think why did he did that? Does he wants the girl to be jealous?
I guess so. And I don’t like it. why would anyone want to.
I asked him “Why did you do that?”
He answered me “My heart beats. It’s like I’m scared of her.”
“You do like her, right?” I asked him.
“Yes” He answered me.
The girl he likes and me are quite close. So.. I tell her that he likes her. And he likes to ask me what are you (the girl) doing. The girl said to me that he did the same to her. She said that he often asked her what am i (me) doing. But… he did already confess to her.
If he does like her, then.. why did he gave me signs that he likes me since a year ago? And.. people don’t get scared.. they get nervous around their crush.
Is he playing with people’s heart? No way.. he didn’t even open up to girls that easily.
What should I do? Somebody help me. I am so confused. Thanks

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1 Answer

This is quite confusing, on his part. I think he needs to step back and really see what he wants, he may like her but he may also have something for you and be in-denial or hasn't realized it yet. A similar situation kind of happened to me, my best guy friend liked me for a year (secretly) but he also had a little crush on someone else, but it ended up being nothing major. They didn't work out and now I have been dating him for going on 8 months. IF your friend would be trying to make her jealous, that's not the best idea. Jealously isn't such a good trait and could just push her away. I don't think he really knows what he truly wants to do yet. Whatever is meant to happen, will happen. He may not even end up with her and he may grow feelings for you, you never know. Just let him figure it out in his own head, he seems like he needs some time to really think it out and realize what he is doing. Best of luck :)