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so my bf was cheating with his ex all d time he ws dating me (acc to her) and i didnt confront him or anything.. wen his ex told me.. he msgd her that he only loved her and used me to try to get over her.. and for me he just texted to go to hell and not contact him.. i ws hurt by his behaviour and comments specially since i felt i was stuck in between 2 dysfunctional ppl.. anyways for a week he avoided me at my workplace and she kept showing up and being very happy.. i ignored to keep my dignity.. now since a week i hv heard they hv bn having issues and he is trying to make eye contact with me.. he invariably smiles to himself wen he sees me and he doesnt try to avoid me.. he hsnt spoken to me again.. i dunno wat he wants from me agn.. whereas the whole part abt his cheating was told by her and i nvr asked an explanation.. i think i still like him.. though he hs TROUBLE written all over him.. what do i do?

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Look don't ever be someone's alternative. Tell him to kiss your ass and if they give you a hard time at work notify HR.
You still like him, and that may never change. But, after all that has happened, you could never go back to that good relationship. Someone out there in the world will love you and only you. Look for that person. It is for sure not a guy who plays with your emotions. You are awesome, dignified, and amazing. You deserve someone who is on your level, not someone below it.