confused as hell!


So today i came across my ex in the store and he looked at me and i just went about my business but when i first realized it was him it felt like 400 knifes were jubbed me in my heart. idk if it was because i hadnt seen him in 10 months or because im still not over him. but i was preparing myself for the next time i saw him after the break up. because i KNEW i had to see him again bc he now has a baby for my cousin…

Tags: asked December 9, 2014

2 Answers

You shouldn't be confused misslonely. This is what happens. It's hard taking someone into your life and have them suddenly disappear without leaving a void behind. It'll get better. All it takes is time. The next time you see him it will hurt again. But this time it will only feel like 399 knifes stabbing your heart. Eventually the number will reach 0 and you will move on. The time it takes to get to 0 won't be the same for everyone. All you have to remember when you see him again is that the next time won't hurt as much. I hope this helps.

People tend to have this boxed feelings for their exs. It's something normal, maybe he wants to apologize to you and he feels bad about the stuff that happened between you guys. You'll know if you're over the person when your inner conscious doesn't think about him. Your heart was probably beating really fast because you're seeing a guy that you dated recently. Just don't stress :)