company hopper?


I’m just new at the company im working still as a staff reliever. But i’ve noticed that we have a pretty bad management. company politics is rampant where they favor those with connections and power tripping as well. Sad thing is i left my previous job for this because i thought this will give me opportunities but now that i’m in, i’m unhappy and quite uncertain what to do because if i stay there are still a lot of us relievers even from previous years who are not yet absorbed as a regular staff. i tried to evaluate the pro’s and con’s of transferring.
i’m not sure whether i should resign if i get accepted to another company which im applying just in case i pass their exams. i heard they give proper compensation to their staff. Rather than where i am working right now and get absorbed after 3months.

so is it fine that i transfer for this reason, or does that make me a company hopper who’s not contented with what i have ?

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3 Answers

I'm not an expert on work-policies or anything, but I know a little about people. And if you ask me, first of all who cares what other thinks about you? Do what you need to do to be happy and secure, with a job you are passionate about. That's the dream scenario, isn't it?

Stay on there until you get a better opportunity, and don't look back.
thank you :)
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