Clean for 3 months .


A couple months back I had a problem.
I had a problem with cutting..No , it wasn’t because my life was bad and I thought cutting would help or no it wasn’t depression. I just ..did it. I liked the pain it gave. I liked to look at my scars and see how deep they are. I loved to check my pain tolerance.

It was a big issue to my parents, they were always so worried about me. They wanted to always talk about it. Thinking I was depressed or something was bothering me that made me wanna cut into my own skin, but there’s not. They were going to make me see a therapist, but I know I don’t need one. A week ago , I wanted to cut so badly that my whole body started to shake as if I were cold and I just felt so empty. It’s starting to happen every night and I haven’t told my parents yet. Should I cut?

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3 Answers

You are currently experiencing what most people would call withdraw symptoms. Cutting can be very addicting. People may or may not like me for my response but you have 2 visible options. You could answer yes to your question and ease or even stop the symptoms of withdraw. This will worsen your addiction and make it even harder to stop in the future...but it will ease the suffering you are enduring now. You could answer no to your question. The symptoms of withdraw will continue and may get worse before it gets better. It's the harder of the two options. In the future the symptoms will ease and eventually stop completely. You will then be free from having a physical need to harm yourself. Now, I will give you something to ponder. Do you want to take the risk if ending up in a hospital or grave due to getting carried away? Do you want to bring relief to your parents and show your better than this...which you are. Good luck either way you decide.
Stay strong, addiction is never easy but it's a battle worth fighting <3
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