Christian Parents and Bi?


I know I like both boys and girls. If I told my parents they would say its just a stage, but it’s not. I don’t want to tell them because they’ll be disappointed in me and its a HUGE sin. What do I do? I want to be a good Christian but I also want to love the ones I want to love without feeling guilty.

Category: asked January 26, 2015

5 Answers

I am a Christian and I am bi. I was born and raised in a Christian family. It can be a scary thing to come out. My family was very supportive. Perhaps your family will surprise you. So much of the bible is subjective. No where in the 10 commandments does it say you can't be bisexual. As well, there are some genderfluid qualities throughout the bible. I have heard/seen whole discussions on this. So once again everything is up to interpretation. One thing I have always found though that no matter what Christianity is founded based on love, acceptance, understanding. To me, to be a good Christian is to be these things and to accept myself and others for the way that they are. I truly believe that we are all different and wonderful in our own ways and yet we are all made in God's image.
Honestly Christianity and Ancient Civil. beliefs are just mythology(only difference is god v. gods). The person who compiled the stories for the Bible as it is known today, (Emperor Constantine, later would name himself Pope Constantine) was known to have both men and woman sex slaves.Leviticus is the only part of the Bible I can think of where all the gay/bi/queer bashing comes from and I believe it to be outdated like Islamic laws.(also forbids things like idols[which would include crucifixes], trees inside your house[ Christmas trees], and bunch of dietary and lifestyle related stuff as well).So near as I can tell, the first Popes life style is contradictory to and therefore should null Leviticus? In other words you can still be a 'good' Christian, at least following that logic and these historical events.Whether or not your parents are understanding, will be decided by if they are literalists or interpretist and their knowledge on Christianity itself.
I am not a Christian. I do not know what it is like to feel something that 'isn't allowed'. But I can tell you this: NEVER let ANYONE tell you that you are just going through a phase. If you know what you are feeling to be true, then it is true. Homosexuality and bisexuality is natural, It has been found in hundreds of animal and insect species! You are going to be just fine! TRUST ME! It always works out in the end. Come out to them once YOU feel comfortable about your amazing gift. You are not the first person to go through this!
You dont need to feel guilty im catholic and you should research on Pope Francis, he is really one of the most open minded popes out there. When someone asked him on his opinion towards the LGBT community he said "who am I to judge" bc didnt the Bible say only Jesus or God can judge us for who we are. Pope Francis accepts everyone and I really think that being Bi is not a huge sin. Your parents may not be able to accept you immediately but sooner or later they will
Every single person sins. So no, it's not a bigger sin than any other sin. That doesn't make it right, but just know that you shouldn't feel guilty. Tell your parents if you want. If they love you, which I think they do, they will be able to give you good, sound advice and not make you feel guilty.