Christian needing some help…?


So I’m 16 and as said in thye question. I’m a Christian. I ama t the point where all of my friends are coupling up and right now im the only single one left. Not fun. Anyways, I don’t know what to do. I really want a relationship, but I also want to do what the Lord says and I don’t know what to do. And along with that, I’m oathetic and don;t even know how to talk to guys and just I’m confused. Any help would be lovely. Thanks

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Ya I know that feeling. Depending on your own branch of Christianity it depends. Some people like to point to that lovely scripture that says "marry only in the lord" however others are more lenient and just will tell you to be very careful because dating of any kind is serious no matter what your own beliefs say. Also I think you should just think about why you want to get a significant other. My mom always drilled into my head that I shouldn't get a gf until I can financially support one. Its about YOUR beliefs between you and god so don't let anybody get you down because at the end of the day its you not them.
Just because your friends are dating doesn't mean that you have to. Wait until you find the right guy that you are comfortable with and trust. Christianity doesn't necessarily say that you can't date, I'm 18, I'm a christian and I've been with my girlfriend for 2 1/2 years. It all comes down to are you mature and ready, and how you feel about the person.
I'm not christion, but when I was, I dont remember anything saying its againts the lord to date. (only date if you want, dont do it cause of trend) But people usually marry after they date, so you kinda have to date if you want to progress it. Dont think its a sin. Not very helpful but meh, tried. Personally, i wouldnt date till after college but thats me.
Try dating safely. Don't follow an arbitrary rule. Question why that rule exists, what function it serves and what morals are allegedly furthered by it.