Child rape


Hi. I’ve been recently listening to someone and it appeared to be a teenage girl about 12 year old who told me that she is being harrassed but that she cannot tell about this to anyone. Now I tried to help to convince her to talk to her parents or police as much as I could, but then she left. My question is – is there a way to help these people some way? Like contact their school / parents or something? I feel a lot of responsibility to letting her go, because she had no one to turn to, and she is in a big trouble. Please advice. Thanks.

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4 Answers

Almost in every state/country in the world there are numbers such people can call.
Yes, if you believe this is a case of sexual abuse of a minor, please contact the appropriate authorities in your country, which in most cases will be a police unit or department designated to combat this sort of crime.
Thanks for the response. What if the person lives in another country? How do I get his / her details if he doesn't want to share? What exactly do I report to police if I don't have his name or address?
Thanks Mandy. I agree, but I'm just trying to see if I did my best to help that person. Do you think I should contact administator of blahtherapy in this case? If you know anyone please let me know. Thanks again!