Child Abuse?


Okay so I live with my parents. I’m 17, and they don’t seem to treat me fairly. I do everything they ask me to do. Yes sometimes I have attitude but I try not to and I’m working on it. But they have next to no respect for me, my opinions or my personal life or feelings. My dad just picks on me and even I silts me by saying thins like I’m a “cranky bitch” or I’m “fat” I get called fat by him at least once or twice a month. My dad hits me hard enough tha it hurts but not for lunisbment. He does it for shits and giggles. My mom does next to nothing about it. My dad always taunts me and picks on me when I cry and he sees it. He’s the reason mos of the time for why I cry. He has threatened to ground me for 10 months just because I didn’t do a small thing he asked me to do. And he was serious. Isn’t that a bit extreme? They don’t support me. My mom wouldn’t let me borrow her computer so I could sign up for my SAT or so I could apply for a job online. She said she was using the computer even though she was nowhere near it. Does any of this count as child abuse? Emotional, physical? Anything? I plan to move out as soon as I turn 18 which won’t be til December. I feel like I can’t talk to them because they act like they don’t care and the. Expect me to talk to them. My dad acts like he doesn’t care about me unless he needs me for something what should I do?

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2 Answers

First of all, my heart goes out to you Robyn. What your parents are doing to you is atrocious. It is absolutely child abuse, both emotional and physical. I'm so sorry you had to be raised in that sort of environment. It must have been very troubling :(. It's good that you plan to move out when you're 18, but that is some time away. Don't take any of what they tell you to heart, they're just abusive and use you as a release. I would tell you to get outside help in the form of child abuse protection, but you are close to moving out. There is however a lot that can happen in that year. Its possible to wait it out for that duration, but that's hard to suggest because it means putting you through more abuse. I can't say enough how sorry I feel for you, what they're doing to you absolutely isn't right at all. You deserve to be treated so much better <3. What you can do is contact a local help line and get some advice from them. I don't know where you live, but I'm sure there is a local child abuse help line with professionals waiting to hear you out. They might be able to offer better advice than anyone here. If you involve authorities, it can be more of a headache for you too because it'll not only cause more tension in your household but also put you under more pressure. I'm not suggesting that you don't get help. I'm just listing any outcomes I can think of. Your best bet would be to ask a free local youth health line for advice because they have access to resources that can help you. You might even be able to leave earlier than 18 because of your situation. You might also get certain financial support upon leaving, who knows? I strongly urge you to do this, at least to explore your options. It will not be intrusive at all, your parents will NOT know, and they will be able to tell you everything. Please, please, do this. Don't feel like you're trapped, there are people out there who would can and will help you! You deserve all the help you can get, dear. I hope everything ends well for you, and I'm so sorry that you couldn't be born into a more accepting family. You don't get to choose the family you're born with, but you do get to choose the one you end up with. Take what you've been through as a lesson as to how a child should not be raised, it'll only make you stronger. I hope everything goes well for you, I promise you're stronger than you know <3.
The way your parents treat you is definitely not okay. It's abusive in nature, and I feel so bad that you have to put up with it. All I can say is to stay strong until December. At least you won't have to wait too long to get away from them.