Chewing and spitting?


Does anyone have any experience with chewing and spitting? I’ve struggled with disordered eating in the past and I am currently most likely non-purge type bulimic. (When you use fasting as your means of purging instead of throwing up). I’ve recently been slipping back into a lot of disordered eating, some of which includes chewing and spitting. It’s like when I want to binge I just opt for chewing and spitting. There’s a lot of mixed information about it online, does anyone know how it effects your health?

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I am going to assume that you do not mean tobacco and go from there. Chewing your food and spitting it out just gives you the flavor of the food, but not the nutrients. If you do not ingest your food and allow it to go through your body, then you will not have the proper nutrients to survive. When you chew something, it makes saliva work more in your mouth, that is part of your digestive system working just in your mouth. When you start it, then the rest of your body begins to think that it's going to be getting food put into it. But when you don't give it food, after it happens enough time, your body starts to break down your insides. It doesn't just go after what fat may be on your body, it goes after your brain, your heart, lungs, and more. It takes away vital energy from the parts of your body that you need most and can harm you just as bad as purging does.