cant talk..


hi! i have a friend and last night he said something private to me and it was a little disturbing ( has to do with male genitalia) and me being a 15 year old girl who is a virgin ( and friggen proud of it!) its just… disturbing and i dont know if i can talk to him… i know he didn’t mean it but, its just so awkward now.. i dont know how to start a conversation.

( no its not a picture of his penis.)

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Well. It depends on what he said... If he said something like, it's itchy, then I wouldn't worry about it. If he started describing it without a reason, maybe he likes you. Are you sure he didn't just want your opinion on a problem he was having? Really, without you saying what he said, it's hard to say what he could have meant... What was the conversation you were having about? Did he come out with it out of the blue? Again, what did he say? Just clear the air. Tell him you felt awkward, and try to move on... All I can say though, is that it's amazing that you're proud of being a virgin! Keep rocking on girl! All the best etc.
You might have been introduced to the world of boys texting girls inappropriate things in hope of something sexy to happen after. Check out this Tumblr exclusively dedicated to examples of it:
He said the inappropriate thing, let him handle dealing with the awkwardness between you two now, and coming up with ways to talk normally again. Relax in your given role of legitimately sitting and waiting for him to clean his own mess.
Well you know the situation the best and you're proud of your virginity. So only you know the answer. If it made you feel uncomfortable you don't have to pretend it didn't bother you. Tell him straight out that it was uncomfortable and it made things weird. You're happy being friends, just you don't approve of what he said. It's your feelings you're taking into account and how you feel is important. You don't want a friend that can't respect how you feel. It's your story. It's your decision to speak out against things that are bothering you. A true friend will understand and still respect your decision. Even if it doesn't seem like nothing and you know it's joking around there are some things you don't want to joke around about. Like when people make fun of people who are suicidal or depression is one of the things I ask my friends not to joke around about. You know your boundaries. You know what you will take from a person and what not to take.
lets just say, i asked him what he was doing and he told me... yeah..
Oh, he told you he was masturbating.

That's a matter of personal boundaries. He was testing his and yours. He's probably into phone sex or sexting and was seeing if you were open to it by mentioning touching himself...or he could simply be an inappropriate young man with bad boundaries.

In either case, make sure he understand not to tell you things like that. Establishing healthy boundaries is a good thing.
like you would normally just realize every guy has his moments of being sexual ok?