Cannot decide between a Police Officer and Scientist?


Background : Last year Civil Engineering Student with a good academic record at a university in Peshawar , Pakistan.

Confusion : This had made me cry for the past weeks. I’m in the last semester of my engineering career and I cannot decide what I really want to be in the future. On one hand I think of becoming a Police Officer through civil Services of pakistan while on the other hand I want to pursue actual research.

Reasons behind aspiring for Scientist :
Curious for Scientific innovations.
Want to own a research laboratory like Thomas Edison and build inventions for the humanity.
Reasons behind aspiring for Civil Services(Police):
A prestigious service socially,
Parents want me to opt for it.
I have the talent for it.
Fascination of Police Uniform.
I want to fight Taliban and kill those bastards,
In light of your experience , I would be highly indebted if you give me a solid advice on what I should do ? Please do not tell me that I should do what I love. I love both. I just cannot figure out what my passion really is.

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2 Answers

Great scientists live forever through their contributions to humanity but it all comes down to what you feel would make you happy. Talk to people who are scientists and police officers, maybe read up on famous/historical people of both professions and learn what a life as either would imply and try to figure out what you want the most.
I would give an educated opinion, but I feel like I'm too biased to do so. I'm currently making my way to go into the field of engineering, and I personally hate police officers.