Can you tell me if he likes me?


I keep getting mixed signals from him and it’s driving me mad sometimes he ignores me other times we talk and then there’s moments like this
One time in January his friends and him were playing frisbee and I walked past him his friend threw it towards my head and my crush ran up behind me to push me down so I wouldn’t get hit

Another time in February he still had chocolate from valentines day and he put a pink heart on my desk I looked down at it and back up at him he blushed then took it and walked back to his desk

The day before spring break we all took pictures on this mini desk cubicle thing and in one picture him and I are laughing at each other and we were like 6 in. Away from each other

Yesterday I was trying to get something out of his hands. I had to pry his hands off of the object and by the time I did we were practically holding hands we blushed like crazy and well now you see why I’m so confused.

Tags: asked May 9, 2015

1 Answer

He likes you......but not all the time, if your getting mixed signals and if he acts like he likes you between periods of him ignoring you, or playing cold or any lingo you like to call it then it means he doesn't like you ENOUGH. Honestly Mary you deserve to be with someone who likes you all the time, whose mature enough to lay down the game, but of course that goes with you too. I don't really know your situation very well, it sounds like you really like him, and I dont know if the times you've been alone with him he acts like this, or if its just on these occasions, but if you feel deep down that he does actually like you, and this is more than just some shyness and he's right now walking down your door about to ask you out and he just hasn't gotten there yet, then beat him to the punch! You want clarity? Ask him out, get coffee go for a walk, stop leaving it up to chance, stop putting the balls in his court, gather every once of courage and just hit send