Can you love someone who is shorter than you? BE HONEST.


So my friend has been talking to this girl online for about a year now. He said he really loves her and I suppor him because he’s a short guy and many girls reject him. Recently she asked him how tall he is and he said 5’5 knowing she’s 5’4. He’s actually 5 feet though.. If they ever meet and she sees how short he is do you think she will still love him for who he is? I just don’t want him to be heartbroken. I know a lot of girls love taller men.

asked July 31, 2014

4 Answers

If she really loves him....height shouldn't matter......also, if he really loved her, he should've been honest ;)
Yes because when you fall in love everything about that person becomes perfect.
If she really loves him, he could be a vertically challenged man and still wouldn't care. Height has no importance when it comes to wether you'll work out as a couple or not. And if it does, than it's her problem.As you're probably aware of, yes guys usually tend to be a bit taller, and they seem to be doing fine. Of course, it matters depending on the person. Some people like them tall, short, or equal height.Also, you should really tell your friend to tell him the truth. It's not fare to expect honesty without giving it.
Height should not matter at all in a relationship. But lying does. You should suggest to your friend to tell this girl the truth. If she finds out that he was lying about something as small and unimportant as height, she might have doubts about getting together with him. A relationship is built on love and trust. If one of those things isn't there, it's going to be a bumpy road. I wish your friend and his girl the best! Good luck and take care!