Can we live together?


So my college boyfriend and I are deeply in love. We are just finished out freshman year together, and are highly motivated individuals with very similar dreams. We take our work/ classes very seriously and really want to do something big in life. I love him dearly, and cannot bear the thought of living away from him. It always worries me and upsets me A LOT when I think about what will happen after graduation (3 years later). How likely is it that we’ll end up in the same city? I really really can’t live away from him :( What if we have to attend grad school/ work in cities far apart? :( I really want to be with him. He really does always try to make me feel special and loved in every way possible.

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Well just know that you still have a lot of time before you have to figure that out. And if you two remain together after 3 more years I'm sure you can work something out if it's long distance. I get it that for grad school you don't have as many options but long distance shouldn't be such a problem given that you two are going to continue to be together. At the same time I don't think you should sacrifice you're career just for the person you love. So definitely pursue what you want to pursue and if that means you can't be together then you know what so be it then. Again, there is nothing wrong with long-distance by any means just do what will make you happy. Best of luck
hey, you're not a stone statue, are you? :) if you're not, you can probably move, right?

i suggest you talk to your lovely boyfriend about this. if you have similar dreams and plans, why don't you try to synchronize them? discuss the possibilities where you can attend grad school and work without losing each other geographically or otherwise. you're in college, for chrissakes! you're grown up enough to make these decisions. what do you even mean by 'what if we have to'? who will force you?

don't drive yourself crazy with this fear. talk to your boy, really. it takes two to tango.