Can TikTok cause depression?


TikTok is a place where people get validated by having their videos shared and being funny to watch. Constantly focusing on getting views and likes can make you feel somewhat depressed whenever you don’t meet your expectations. People also can leave a bunch of horrible, mean comments that can lower your self-esteem. This goes for any social media, but TikTok is one of the biggest platforms by far.

Category: asked April 18, 2021

1 Answer

The application is great, almost everything suits me. Except for one thing. I would like the developers to return the ability to add music from the phone. It's just that the application itself sometimes does not have the songs necessary for the video (I was looking for one, both by name and by artist). There is also a problem with the fact that when you download a video to your phone, it has a tiktok watermark on it. Sometimes it is annoying, but this application helps me here. You can easily download videos without this sign.