Can taking a break in a relationship improve a relationship?


my boyfriend was feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything, and he feels like he is not adequate for a relationship, i thought he was going to break up with me but he said we need to take things slow, one step at a time. He thinks he belongs alone, because he’s mentally unstable, (depression, past suicide attempt 10 years ago, his dad passing etc) but i’ve been around for a few years to know all this. You see we broke up in january but for a while about 6 months, we never cut contact but it was distant for a bit. In May We decided to work it out, later on in September we decided to get a puppy, so now we’re here, theres no one to blame, we both have individual issues to deal with, instead of bringing it into a relationship, we’re in constant contact bc of the dog. I’m just worried about taking breaks sometimes it makes people grow further and sometimes closer, i feel because we do have a constant communication it will grow better, we know what works for us and what doesn’t, this is the last shot. any advice please? thanks for reading

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2 Answers

My boyfriend and I were the same way a few years ago. Sometimes people need to be alone with themselves for a little bit...heal, learn about themselves, take care of major stressors, cope with a hard time.That's fine. Like the person above said, just stay in contact, listen when he needs to be listened to, and remind him how much you love him. You said you guys know what doesn't work for you two, so stay away from the things that don't work and still to the things that do. I hope you guys are able to work things out in the end. It sounds like your boyfriend has had a really tough time, so please remind him that he doesn't have to go through this stuff alone, he doesn't deserve to deal with this alone, and that you'll be there when he needs you. My boyfriend went through a lot of rough times, and sometimes he was with other girls when he went through these things, but I never stopped being his friend. I was always there for him, and I never stopped believing in him. We've been together no breaks or anything for over 2 years now. Have hope and try your hardest for the person that you love. <3
Just make sure to keep in contact with each other, remind how much you love each other and how much you care for them and always be there and the breaks will help!