Can someone please help


This girl, her and I were really close friends.. Until I got blamed for something i would never do. She ended up believing everyone else over me. Then she called me fake and a bitch. The thing of it is, she wouldn’t let me explain myself. She wouldn’t give me a chance to fix anything. Some friend she is. I hear from friends that I trust everything that she says about me and it’s not good things. Saying I’m fake, saying I’m too skinny bc I’m only 110 lbs and saying that I’m ugly. I’ve ignored everything she does, because that’s how people stop because they’re not getting the reactions they want. Well ignoring it isn’t working. My friend and i had our backs to her and I turned around to look around. The girl had her phone out pointing at us and taking our picture. As soon as she noticed, she said “oh shit!!” and quickly put her phone away. All of the drama and name calling has been going on for weeks. She’s even lied to people I don’t even know, telling them that i called them ugly names.. It’s just getting way out of hand and I’ve completely ignored her existence, so why can’t she just ignore my existence and leave everything alone? My boyfriend of two years says that she’s just jealous because all he ever hears her say is that she wants to be beautiful, skinny, and wants a long lasting relationship. The other day, she was laughing and carrying on, until i walked through the school door. Once she saw me in my pretty blue dress, she completely stopped laughing and stood there acting like she was mad.. Is she jealous of me or something? If so, then why does she have to be so rude about it? I don’t think she’s jealous because she stopped liking me because of what i got blamed for.. But she’s acting like she’s jealous now.. I just need help.. Please help me.. I hope it’s not stupid..

Category: Tags: asked April 28, 2015