Can someone help me give an interpretation on my dream?


So in my dream I was home alone and I was doing things and I walked into the kitchen and saw an eclipse, one where the sun was behind the moon, but the moon wasn’t black like it should be, it was shining. And then in the corner of the moon, looking in the distance I could see Saturn (and a second sun), which made me think ‘Oh, this looks like that image I saw that someone took on Tumblr’ (at this point in time, I was aware I was dreaming, but I forgot as I started to get scared later on) and it was exactly like the picture I saw. And then I made some pasta, and did some homework at the dinner table.

I then walked to the direction of the living room and noticed that all the curtains were suddenly drawn in the house and I got super anxious as I walked into the living room and froze in the doorway.

Inside the living room it was dark, but EVERYTHING WAS ON. Bearing in mind we usually unplug everything after we’ve used it in the living room, EVERYTHING WAS PLUGGED IN and I DIDN’T DO IT. And the TV was flashing, actually there was 2 TV’s and they were both flashing and it was scary, the light was flickering and there was so much noise and then suddenly it all stopped and went black and one TV was flickering behind me and I turned around slowly and switched it off. I then walked really uneasily to the kitchen, and the kitchens curtains were drawn as well and by this point I’d forgotten it was a dream because I was genuinely scared. And I, uh, I opened the curtains and the middle and the curtain ripped from my hands and they both opened suddenly and right outside my window was Saturn and it was MASSIVE. But what I did notice was the actual planet was Jupiter, with Saturn’s rings, but I was pretty terrified.

Just wondering if anyone can help me interpret it. If you can, thanks!

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Just forget what I posted jeez it obviously made a bunch of people unhappy..
You were dreaming of the picture you saw from tumblr, the rest could only be discerned by discussing your days with you. Dreams are not prophecies, they are the brain's way of defragmenting and handling lots of information. This is done by combining experiences into concepts.