Can someone help in some way? Or give advice?


Okay, so, I personally think that I have been doing pretty well lately. I have been doing my very best to keep my food down (as I am bulimic with anorexic tendencies). So today I went over to my friends and I hadn’t eaten before I went over. I ate while I was there at about noon (I had half a baked potato and a small portion of corn). I hadn’t eaten anything until about 5 and even then all I had was a few blueberries. Then at about midnight I ate a heat-up rice thing. I’m doing my very best to just keep it down. I have been losing weight again and it’s good, bad, and frustrating all at once. Can someone help me to learn to just eat without hesitation? My therapist tried to get me to do a food tracking thing but then I wouldn’t eat…at all. And I haven’t exactly been 110% mentally stable lately. I just–I am at a loss and I’m not sure what to do. Any advice?

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I think you've done really well so far by the sounds of it so focus on all that achievement :) a food diary might not be working for you as it's something to "obsess over" - I think the important thing is to try and relax, stay positive and not focus on what you're eating. If you want to try something more fun, maybe look at BBC or Jamie Oliver's recipes online, pick something that looks nice and get all the ingredients and cook it from scratch - cooking for yourself is very rewarding and you can share your meals with family or friends. Maybe some baking also? I hope this helps, I haven't had any experience with this type of issue but you've done fantastic so far, stay positive and I'm here if you need anyone to talk to :)
If you're feeling bad about all of the bad stuff in food salts, trans fats etc. go for fruits and veggies! Greens are especially healthy for you if you want something to help boost your mood.
Thank you both. I am alone a lot so I don't really have anyone else to cook for and so therefore I don't really think to feed myself. Because if I'm not getting physically sick because I'm so hungry then I will just wait it out. But I have recently been looking into some recipes online to make for myself and maybe even my girlfriend when she comes over. You see, I'm a vegetarian but I love, love, love me some fruits. So I mainly focus on fruits. But I am up for pretty much anything. Again, thank you both and either of you can message me at any time.