Can someone give me some advice?


My whole life I’ve had my “heart on my sleeve” letting people in too easily, feeling like I am in love after opening up to someone. Just letting my emotions control my life and affect my judgement. I’m a high school senior now and 90% of this school hates me. I don’t know what to do anymore and I just really need some emotional support and maybe someone to talk to. So… please if you can help me please do

Category: asked November 16, 2014

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Hi Andrew. I want to start by saying that I doubt 90% of the school hates you. If I were you, I'd probably stick to the people closest to you-the ones who know and support you already. Heart on your sleeve or not, it's better to have one or two close friends than looking for 100 'friends'. No one has EVERYONE'S love.

If you feel you open up to people too quickly, remember most decisions don't need immediate responses. Try to talk to someone you trust about how you feel, or just take time to think about both the positives and negatives.

If you want to talk more, send me a message anytime. All the best etc.
I also the type of person to wear my heart on my sleeve, and I get how it is tough for you. I can be very emotional and sensitive sometimes, which makes me an easy target for teasing. The group of people at school who hate you may seem larger than it actually is if you always focus on the negative. Either way, focus on the 10% of people who don't hate you. Chances are that they're much better friends and have their head in the right place. As for opening up to people so easily, it is the best to find a close friend that you have developed a relationship for a long time and confide with only them. Choose someone who will not leave your side no matter what. I am clingy and I naturally have that one close friendship and the rest of my relationships are not really strong, and when my friend and I get separated in some way, I tend to start opening up to anyone I can find. Always analyze your emotions, see how they are affecting the situation you are in, ask yourself if the way you feel is making things seem "bigger" than they really are, and remember that you can send a message to me or talk to someone you can trust.