Can someone give me a goddamn reason not to give up?


Because honestly, I’m tired. And I’m sick of all the pain, the suffering, the loneliness and the sleepless nights. I feel like I’m surrounded by nothingness. I feel like I don’t have anyone anymore, and I don’t see any light ahead of me. I don’t feel like being the positive and hopeful one anymore. I feel like killing myself already to get it over with. I have control enough over myself for the time being, but I don’t know how much that’s going to last. And when it does end, I’m afraid I’ll do something really, really stupid. Like actually harming myself. Can someone please give me some hope?

Category: asked February 5, 2014

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There are still some places on this earth you haven't explored yet. There are still baby animals that need to be cuddled, new books to touch and feel and read. There is warm sunshine and cool breezes to feel. There are many things out there that will make you laugh and smile and feel better. There are still good people out there that exist outside of books and movies.
I am someone who has been to the same emotional place you are right now. I can tell you first hand not to give up on life, because that is never a answer. I do want to strongly recommend that you go a hospital and have a doctor help you with what you are going through. That is what I did when I wanted to end my life and I am glad I did. You may not believe me right now, but it will get better. The medical explanation for what you are going through is that brain releases a chemical (I don't remember its name) into the body that effects the way you feel joy. For most people their brains can't produce enough of that chemical to help them feel joy. That is why it is important to tell a doctor about these feelings so they can properly help you feel better. I believe in you, that you will choose life, and that you will one day be talking to someone else into choosing life as well. You've already taken a great step toward getting help and that takes courage.
Hi. I have somewhat been through the emotions you are feeling right now. I was just having them last night and still do now, although intensity varies. I didn't say I have been through what you have been through because I have not exactly in details but as a human being to another human being, let's not let life beat us down. We're stronger than this. I'm tired too, really tired of always trying and still am but I can't stop trying even if I want to. Don't stop.

From experience, this phase we get into, this depressed negative state blinds us in our own darkness. Probably through conditioning, I go crazy beating myself up mentally always. Telling myself I'm worthless etc. I'm tired of trying but let's not stop. I believe I can do this and so do you. Look into all the people out there who have battled it through. Don't give up. For the people around you and most importantly, yourself. I have an idea, get a pet. Dogs are known to help.

I believe the biggest misconception we have about happiness is that it is a linear form. It really isn't. It was a belief I held so everytime I hit bottom I go crazy negative. Again, I'm still working on it. Don't give up as I won't too. :) Lots of love. Just keep going. And you know what, you don't see any light ahead of you? No problem, BE THE LIGHT.

God bless, Just Keep Going. Message me if you want to talk about anything

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Your name says it all..."Just Keep Going". If there wasn't a reason for you to keep going you wouldn't be moved to use such a name; besides there are many people over here needing your help. Look at the fun side of life. You might not have it now but that does not mean it won't belong to you in the future. Be as strong as you can, your story can be someones hope one day so that's another reason to not give up. Remember...Just Keep Going and believe in who you are or meant to be.By the way that's not a "god damn reason" I'm giving you. It's a "worth living your life reason". Smile girl :)
It's okay to be honest about feeling this bad. No one expects you to be all bubbly and positive all the time. That's not even real. Everyone has their weak moments. No one can be strong all the time. Acknowledging those things is good because it enables you to stop repressing stuff and allows you to resolve it. I'm really sorry you don't feel like you have anyone. I wasn't sure if you meant you didn't feel close to the people in your life or there really is no one. Maybe there are some people in your life who would appreciate you opening up this side of yourself more? I'm not sure. I understand what it is like to be lonely though. I used to just tell myself I was meant to be alone but a lot of it was me shutting people out too. And you know what? I eventually met someone who was my "soulmate" for lack of a better term. So you never really know who you're going to meet in your life. You never know what is just waiting for you around the corner. Just don't give up hope. There's always hope and your story is only beginning.
I'm here for you, please don't do anything to yourself, you will make it through this, you are a incredibly beautiful, amazing and strong person, you are not alone, you are here for a reason, I'm sure that you will have a fantastic, positive and happy future, you could have a family or a really great job, there are so many positives that await you, happy occasions that you will miss out on if you were not here, things like birthdays and weddings, there is hope out there for you, never give up, there will be bright days ahead, if you need to talk or need a friend I'm always here. (hugs) :)