Can she get pregnant?


My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex for about two hours. I never got to finish though. Can she still get pregnant?
I do not know if she is on the pill.

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There's always a slight possibility she could get pregnant. Go get a morning after pill, like Guy W said. I suggest that next time you use a condom. Without a condom you don't just risk to make her pregnant, you also risk STD's. Next time keep it safe and use a condom. You should also ask if she takes the pill or not. When you have sex, you both need to be responsible about it.
There is always a slight chance that she can get pregnant, of course that being said, it's not a 100% sure. As the two that have mentioned this have said, I think that perhaps she should take the morning after pill. Next time please use a condom, it can lower the risk of STD's and unplanned pregnancies and risks of pregnancies. Be careful.
Can she? Yes.
Did she? Probably not.

Find out if she is on the pill and use protection from now on. Always be on the same page with your partner.
I think you should take some things into consideration before you purchase the morning-after pill. I'm not discouraging it's use, only making sure you have all the right information. Because of it's 99.7% success rate, couples tend to depend on it to clean up their messes. What is often not considered is the fact that the morning-after pill can cause fertility problems for a woman and should only be used for emergencies. 1 in 5 women will get pregnant from complete lack of a contraception method, that statistic assumes that the male finishes. That being said, a lot of pre-cum can be released in two hours. I would first check if she's on the pill, and provided that she uses it correctly, I wouldn't bother buying a morning-after pill. If she is not on the pill, I probably wouldn't take my chances. Just make sure in the future you use condoms, or if you're sure that she does not carry an STD, get her on the pill. In my experience the latter is preferable. Good luck!
Yeah, there is a slight, tiny possibility, just in case, you guys should seek some sort of pill or birth control for that, to be on the safe side.
she could get pregnant yes. because theres this thing called precum. it doesnt have any sperm in it, but it could bring with it sperm from another time youve ejaculated sooo yeah. thats why its good to pee begore you have sex, that will take the left-over sperm away, i guess. but you should just use a condom instead. if you think it feels less with condom on, try condoms with bumps on, it will make you feel more
As long as. She dident get any sperm inside she wont get pregnent but a drop contains enough Dna to get her pregnent