Can me and my friend still be friends?


I’m 19, after my ex-boyfriend broke up with me (he was my first love, first everything), I kinda spiraled down. I started having hookups with one of my friends, and after the hookups I’d feel like crap and even more empty. He screwed me over big time and long story short my family hates him as well as my friends and so me and him stopped talking. We recently connected again, after a couple weeks of not talking or anything. Nobody knows we’re talking. I don’t know what to do. I know he still wants to hook-up, and I do too, but I’m still not over my ex and I don’t want to just be hooking up randomly or feel like crap. Should I still talk to him at least?

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2 Answers

I think you can still talk to him. I don't think you should hook up. Firstly, you need to get over your ex. You don't want to do things on "rebounding" feelings. So, recover from your ex and maintain an innocent relationship with your friend. Eventually, maybe it could grow into something, but not until you are in the right state of mind. Hang in there!
If you are not over your ex, and your relationship has become more about hooking-up than anything else, I would suggest just keeping it to a friend level. Especially if he hurt you before to the point many people despise him. Try to keep him a little distant from you for a while until you are back on your feet, and hopefully by the time you are able to get another boyfriend, it won't be with him, as he WILL hurt you again if he has done so before.
Try to hold back from making excuses for why he may have hurt you, he still did it, and means you should not trust as readily as you did. So try to keep your urges to a minimum until your heart has healed.
Good luck~