Can long distance relationships work?


Three weeks ago, I’ve met this awesome guy who I feel connected to. He believes that fate guided us together and we’re both happy we got the chance to meet. Right now, we’re just talking, but it can turn into something more because of how close we already are. I’m not sure if we should be more than friends because of the distance. He lives in Ohio and I live in NY. He’s thinking of moving here to go to college in NY because he’s tired of living in Ohio. I want him to meet others and experience something different, but at the same time, I’m just scared that he’ll meet someone better than me. I want him to experience something different, but with me…I want to be his something different. I should just let time take its course, right? if it’s meant to be, it will be. Sometimes I guess all you need is a little time.

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Long distance relationships can work so long as both parties are willing to make it work. You both need to be honest, to trust one another, to want to put in effort, and to actually put in effort.
It makes it very exciting to see your partner when in an LDR. It also gives you two the chance to plan out dates, have skype dates, write letters, talk on the phone until you fall asleep, text a lot, etc.
But yeah, so long as you both want it to work, and you both put in the effort, the survival rate is higher than those who don't want it to work and/or have stopped putting in effort.
My fiance and I met over the internet. Long distance relationships can definitely work. It takes a lot of effort though. It's totally worth it, in my opinion.
It can work, but it depends a lot on what's important in a relationship for the people involved, I mean, does he or you find physical bonding necessary? anything physical, from hanging out, holding hands, kissing, just the fact that you can feel that person, everything. Or do you think other ways of showing affection are enough and fullfiling?. If it's the latter then you just have to adjust to the situation, any relationship (long distance and not) takes effort to maintain and every couple is different.
It can sure work. Me and my fiance of 4 years have still not met and we're so great together. I don't think you too are very far, regarding distance. My fiance lives around 25 hours distance by plane.
As long as you want it to work then it will work, no matter what.
you have a grip of insecurities you need to fix before a long distance relationship could work. and btw, should he move to NY , dont be suprised if he ends up living on your couch unemployed