can i get pregnant if..?


Can i get pregnant if my boyfriend and I used a condom but when he pulled out a tiny bit of semen got on my uhh…. vaginal region.. but on the outside! but once i had realized what happened i wiped it off? a in trouble or do i have nothing to worry about?

Category: asked February 23, 2014

5 Answers

If you are old enough that your period started, but not so old that you're done menopause the answer will always be: If you have sex, you can get pregnant. All methods can fail. Even getting your tubes tied has a pregnancy rate.If you have had sex, and you think you may be pregnant, take a pregnancy test or see a doctor. That will always be the answer, no matter what other situations you describe.
The chance is VERY small as long as it did not touch the opening. I wouldn't worry too much about it. But if you're really worried you might want to think about getting the plan B pill at your local pharmacy.
Thankyou so much! but the plan B wouldn't help cause we did it about a week ago. you need to take it within 72 hours of intercourse
Oh my, a week ago? Then yes it wouldn't work. Just remember to check your menstrual cycle for any inconsistencies.
You can, but it is unlikely. Any sexually active female who has intercourse with the opposite sex and has functional birthing organs should get regular pregnancy screenings. It is just the responsible thing to do.