Can I ever remain friends with her now ?


I was falling for my best friend and I let her know my feelings , I expected her to shoot me down but she said she felt the same way and the only reason that she wasn’t ready to talk about this is because our relationship won’t have a future . Her parents won’t allow her to get married to me and she won’t get married without their blessings . It was just so difficult for us to hold our feelings for so long that I asked her to spend just one night with me where we let our feeling out and then forget that night ever happened . I ended up sneaking inside her house and we spend the night on her rooftop talking about our feelings, cuddling her , hugging her and kissing her . We saw the sunrise together and that was it , We promised each other that this was a one time thing only and we will never do this again and never talk about this night again . Where do we go from there ? Can we just remain friends like before . I absolutely want what’s the best for her and I know that defying her parents would hurt her a lot and I don’t want to see her hurt , She is my best friend , we have been friends ever since we were kids so I can’t just let her go , I just want to see remain her friend and only her friend . Is there any hope ?

Category: asked July 27, 2014

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Time is almost always the answer to this type of situation. You say you are best friends that care for each other and the only problem seems to be her parents objection to marrying you. But you don't go into it any further. Is it safe to say that you may both be a bit too young to think about marriage? You didn't say they object to your friendship. Give it time. Do not dwell on "where is this going?" Just enjoy your friend. These things have ways of working themselves out. Relationships are like people. They grow and mature with time. How her parents feel today, may not be how they feel in a year. The best relationships and the best loves always comes out of friendships first. One day at a time is usually the best approach.
You don't have to get married to be able to have a romantic relationship!
You definitely don't have to let her go, especially since you felt so connected when you both admitted it, and both wanted to have just that one night. It might have been a lot harder to remain friends if maybe she didn't feel the same way and things went awkwardly, but it just seems like this is the sort of thing that maybe you'll need some time away from her parents in order to handle. If your feelings are still there, it's totally okay to talk about them. Even if your relationship doesn't have a future because of her parents (which it might; maybe they'll get over it :P) I don't see any reason for you guys to stop being friends. I think you'll be close either way.
We can never be ascertain of what the future holds for us. In your case, only time can answer it. If you could strongly hold on to each other, against all odds, you'll reap the much awaited relationship the both of you wants, if destiny permits. For. Now, you could remain friends and cherish the friendship, the only relationship life permits you to have as of now.
I agree with the above comments to follow your heart. But understand that just being friends might only hurt you. I know what it's like to have fallen for my best friend, but I lost her in the end. Typically, however, best friends have a specific bond that nobody will ever replace, and if you're like me you'll want her in your life any way you can get her. Keep your head up and do what's best for you my friend. Always here for a chat!
We are in a relationship right now !!! :D The next day we couldn't think of anything other than last night ... I don't know if we will end up together but we will give it our best shot ......