Can I ask him to marry me?


hey everybody, do you think that a woman proposing a man is something wrong, ugly, bad? or some of you would like to be proposed by a woman?

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Hey there,

Depends entirely on the woman and the context! For some couples it is a very normal thing, for others it isn't. It depends on the relationship.

For example, if the more active person (generally) is the one who proposes to the more passive person, then that is usually what works best. A more passive person find it much more difficult to do it.

Not everybody is into marriage, either. For men it is a very different thing than it is for women, so in general it is a good idea either way to talk to your partner and actually discuss marriage- get those feelers out and find out what they think about it.

A lot of people get married very young, and way back when that was quite normal, but in current days society is very different, and we see a lot of divorces happen simply because both partners were not ready or mature enough to take that step.

Overall, there isn't a hard and fast rule- the only thing I'd recommend is talking to your partner about marriage, and finding out what they think. It is a huge commitment to make to someone, and people can have varying ideas on what marriage is and means. Each individual might have a different idea about marriage so like anything else, communication is key.

I hope this helps you out a bit. I'm not saying not to, but I am saying think long and hard about it, and communicate with your partner. Successful marriages always show that communication is the most important factor, so be sure to get off to a good start by making sure you are both on the same page and ask those difficult questions.
Some people say its not right for a woman to propose to a man and some say its okay. I think its fine if a woman proposes to a man. If you want to do something that you want to do then do it. Be you.I hope I helped.
I don't think it would be bad, It's different then what normally happens but if you want to do it the go ahead. But also, you will have to consider how he would feel about you proposing instead of him. I personally would rather him the guy im with propose to me but everyone is different. If you want to, then do it as long as your okay with it.
It's fine. Anybody who says it's ugly or bad is a sexist.
if you love him it shouldnt matter who proposes and if anyone judges the situation, they are just a little more old fashioned, and thats fine, but do what you want. it shouldnt matter how other people see you or the situation because throughout life, everyone has to make choices regardless of what others think. dont let other peoples judgments get to you
There is nothing bad about a girl asking a guy to marry her!!! I love the idea!!!
What is so bad about a woman proposing to a man... well, none actually, it's just that some people would judge you, but is it the judgement from the others or your dedicated love? Well, it isn't ugly or bad, no one gave someone the right to stop love... Well, also, they have this day or event called leap year, it is when women are yeah, proposing to there love ones... So as a conclusion, with this event, it really isn't ugly or bad since they do it anyways...
well i guess a woman proposing a man is it is something different actually..because its almost common that a an proposes a girl for marriage..n if ur planing to do it in a special way..of course if you propose sme1 that's the best thing that can happen to any1