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Can anyone figure out why?


I, messed up. I don’t have a high enough gpa to go to medical school. I worked my ass off but, it wasn’t enough. The thing I figured out was that I was so focused on pleasure. What I mean by pleasure is sex but, all enjoyable things like watching tv. I did work but, ultimatley I like to have pleasure.

Like for instance I wanted a girlfriend for the longest time, I waited for the right girl but, since I am short (5’4) I couldn’t get anyone .. Its been almost 2 centuries and still can’t find anyone. I was so stupid that I almost went on criaglist. But, as you see pleasure consumes me and takes up my time. My need for pleasure more like wanting it caused my problems. Why do I constantly seek pleasure? I know that I am not a robot and that I should take a break every so often but, my wants are too much. (mostly just want sex)

My need to seek and fine pleasure caused me to not work hard enough, now I need to know why I seek it out. Should I just go on criaglist and just end my suffering? I don’t know why my focus is on pleasure, and I don’t want to cut it out of my life for some reason.

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Some people are more sexual than others, there's nothing wrong with that. And if you even waited for the right girl at the time,it means you also care about the emotional part. About the gpa, sometimes (sadly) we work really hard and we can't acheive our goal, it happens. I don't believe it's related to you seeking pleasure. You even said you worked hard so :) Oh and one more thing: there's absolutly nothing wrong with you being short. Tbh short guys are quite cute
Thanks I also have trouble with anxiety and all, like I don't have a breathing problem but, I do stress out and my mind just focuses on that problem and I can't focus on anything else until I fixed that problem.
What the fuck dude? You have to realize that pleasure is great and you should seek it out but not let it derail the life that you need to lead. That is just glorified laziness. Once you get off, put your dick back in your pants and go to fucking work or when you are homeless and hungry you will have all the time in the world for pleasure but with little means to get it.