Can a girl tell if…well.


Well… this is very awkward. However, I just need to know. I’ve heard rumors and from the book ‘Be Chill” that a girl can tell if a guy has masturbated. Is this true? I know there is a “Masturbation walk” that some guys do, but is there something else? Like a smell or just a certain way we talk or present ourselves? And yes, I know all girls assume guys masturbate, but I’m talking about if she knows he did it recently… yeah.

Category: asked February 10, 2014

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Definite no. It's the same as everyone thinks people will automatically know when you lose your virginity. You can not tell those things just by looking at someone. Unless you left some residue on your pant leg ;) no one will be able to tell just by looking at you.
There are physical signs, but they are basically indistinguishable from the generic signs of exertion: facial redness, residual heavy breathing, a little bit of sweat, maybe some momentary disorientation.

You'd be better off looking for behavioral tells: the guy in question is paying particular attention to his hands, like wiping, rubbing, even sniffing. A big tell is if a guy is particularly thirsty after emerging from privacy.

As stated, there ARE signs, but you'd be basically guessing unless you saw direct physical evidence of the act, such as stains (as per the poster before me), the presence of the scent of saliva, one hand is moist while the other is dry (for men with poor hygiene), or for men with good hygiene, one hand is softer than the other, indicating the deeper levels of skin absorbed more moisture from prolonged wetness; his fingertips could be "pruned" on one hand.

The list goes on, but I think that gets the point across. So happy to share my gender's dirty little secrets. (:
I would say they would be able to tell if they know that man very well. As a few posters have said above me there are signs but its how you read them that can tell. It's like any other type of guess, take what info you got and you might be right. To tell you the truth i have heard a lot of rumors about guys that girls spread. Here is another basic fact, women can be a lot more mean and cruel then men can be.