Can a Chef be afraid of Fire?


I have cooked for about 5 of years now, and have only set 2 dishes on Fire, and stopped more from catching fire. My mom bought me a Deep Fryer and Home Grill for me to use when I’m cooking Burgers or Frying Meat products, and whenever I use either one, The smoke that comes off of them make me nervous every time (Especially on my Deep Fryer), even if I know nothing’s wrong. I like cooking, but I don’t like to spontaneously combust into a walking 4th of July show gone awry. What should I do?

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1 Answer

I had that fear as well. But I realized that I was more afraid of being injured. When cooking the last thing you should be is afraid cause you cannot perform as you want to. There is a saying failure is an opportunity to re start intelligently. So yeah you are afraid but use this as a way to approach your cooking more efficiently. Use it as a way to discover safety. Don't look at it as a negative but as a positive. What should you do? Continue cooking despite being afraid. Continuation is what is going to make you less sensitive to this fear you have. So my advice continue, yes you would feel fear you are human, but learn from it to become more safe in cooking.