“Bullying” in the Workplace


Hi everyone, I’m currently have a problem at work.

Background Info:
> I’m 19 years old, this is my first real job
> Bully is a few years older than me (maybe one to two years older?)
> I have worked at this job for just over a month

One of the very immature employees whom I work with is constantly bullying and harassing me. Basically what he does is try to make my live miserable. He makes snide comments and does some other childish things. For some reason he hates me, I just don’t understand and I do not know why he would hate me. I hardly talk to him and didn’t do anything at all that would make him angry at me. I have been nice and friendly to everyone ever since day one because I want to get along with everyone.

I’m not sure if his actions are considered as bullying but here are some things he does:
- When I walk past him, sometimes he gives me a dirty look
- He yells and tells me to get back to work even though I am doing work right at that instant
- He throws plastic caps at me (harmless, but annoying)
- One time he jokingly pulled out a knife out of his pocket and said “I’m going to mug you”
- Helped spread a rumor about me and a female coworker
- Sometimes he inadvertently asks about stereotypical things pertaining to my culture not out of curiosity but as an attempt to somehow mock my culture
- Mocks the work that I do and claims that I do nothing all day

I don’t know what to do at this point. I have thought of talking to my boss about this issue but I have a feeling he’ll blow this off as nothing. Or maybe I should try to ignore him completely by listening to music. I could just quit and find a new job, but for someone like me, it is difficult to find a job. I have limited experience and was turned down a number of times at retail jobs before I was hired at this job.

Thank you guys for reading, it really means a lot to me.

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2 Answers

Well of course ignoring is an option but dont you think that these are still in world only cause people choose to ignore them for the most part. I think you should talk to your boss first see if he is happy or is there something in work which if you do will do good to his company and he'll trust you then you should tell him about these bullying for sure and gently ask him to stop these things. I was first going to say that just go to the boss and tell him but well as you sound like you are new to the work place only a month and as how this world works i think you'll first need to prove a bit yourself in front of your boss and then report the issue.
Second letter in this (and comments) can give you a few pointers, specifically checking your performance with your boss, engaging them routinely for some conversation::