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Me and my ex girlfriend broke up and I was upset. she knows I didn’t cheat on her but to make this as brief as possible it was because she saw me and a friends messages where I called her a gold digger but only out of anger and frustration from our break up. I told her I didn’t mean it and I know I was wrong but she told me she was done with me forever and that it was over for good. She said she was doing much better without me and that she didn’t see herself with me anymore. She has posted on fb some random posts like about she forget where she parks sometimes and all that and also has posted on snapchat saying for everyone to snap her. She said she loves me but the fact that she does doesn’t dominate the fact that she’s done. It’s only been 3 days has she really moved on that fast? Or is she trying to make me jealous/get my attention? She hasn’t deleted me off of Facebook or snapchat so kinda wanting some opinions on the situation and what I should do because I haven’t texted her in 2 days now and we were used to texting everyday. Maybe some girls can tell me what all of this means? Is she really done with me and moved on or is it something else?

Category: asked February 2, 2015

4 Answers

There is no clear interpretation of her actions. There is a chance that she's just really upset and said she's done forever and didn't mean it, but honestly I would take her word for it. The best advice I can give you is to give her some space and just talk to her about it some time later. Let her know you didn't mean and how you feel about it, but give her some time to calm down first.
I really agree with Ren. Wait a little, let her calm down, let her see if she misses you. She might not miss you, she might be serious when she said she was done with you, but I can't know that for sure. All I know i that right now, it's best for you to let go a little so she does not feel cornered, which would make her even angrier.
It sounds like your words have hurt her. Calling her a gold digger does sound painful and gives people the wrong view. Sometimes people say things they don't mean, but you always have to think about your words. Clearly she's hurt and that's why she said she's done with you. She posts all those things because she's trying to move on as fast as possible. She wants to forget about you and be happy again. Maybe after a while, she might find a way to forgive you, but there's no guaranty for that. For me personal, if I were to be in her shoes and would have said those things, I wouldn't look back anymore. Just give her time and space, let her be for a while. If she still loves you and you used to be close, she might forgive you.
I think initially, when people break up with others, they immediately try to make changes drastically, but aren't ready to cut the ex partner out of their life just yet, sometimes girls (and guys) can want to prove to the other they're "doing better without them" but realistically, it sounds like you words were pretty harsh- because even though it was out of anger an frustration, it's not the most popular word used, when people are angry at one another, so she may feel that there was some truth to that even though you were trying to explain. I do think she has feelings for you, sometimes we put ourselves before the person and thats what she did, to spare her feeling from potentially getting even more hurt. After all it's only been a few days, who knows what the next week has in store. Best of Luck x