Boyfriend is going to Italy


First semester of the year has ended and my boyfriend of one year is going to be leaving to study abroad in italy. We had a talk about “taking a break”, but I feel like him leaving for 5months is our break. We fight here and there, and the past 3 weeks or so I felt like I changed a lot and tone down the arguments, but we’re both worried about what’s going to happen when we have minimum time to talk to each other. We both agreed that we’re going to stay together when he leaves and see what happens from there.

Has this happened to anybody? I need some advice on how to deal with this when he goes away.

Tags: asked December 10, 2014

1 Answer

My husband and I just went through this patch where we couldn't be nice to each other even if we tried. We couldn't make things work how we wanted them to. It didn't mean we didn't love each other it just meant we needed space. For us it only took three weeks and we were ready to be back together. We didn't pick up where we left off before the fighting. We're just starting to hit our stride. Give him the space. Don't get worried just yet. It's hard with newer love you've only been together a year. The first four are the hardest.