Boy advice?


okay well ive been quite good friends with this guy for the last 2 to 3 years, we share loads of classes together and we’ve always gotten on well. I’ve had a crush on him (did I mention he’s hella hot) for aaaages, but obviously I have no chance because im well, on the “heavy side” and hardly a looker myself lol

Anyways so we were at a party a few weeks back, and we spent almost the entire evening together just us two chatting because he kept coming over to me and leaving his friends. It was brilliant, and he was being so sweet (saying how he was going to miss being in my class after school ends.. and that he was annoyed when my prom date asked me to prom because he was going to!). Later that night we talked on snapchat for a while and in the morning my friend sent me a link to a vine that the boy’s friend had made- a video of him, taken around about the time we would have been snapchatting each other, talking about how “she” is so underrated.. my friends reckon the “she” is me but I don’t like to be too sure.
Anyways so i’ve tried talking to him on messanger and stuff but the conversation never lasts long (although he does return my kisses lol), and ive tried the whole making eye contact thing in person but idk im starting to the get the feeling that ive been a complete idiot and that he was never interested in me at all..

Am I completely overreacting? What should I do?

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Why not asking how he feels about you? Try something don't get stuck because sometimes if you don't do anything for too long the chances go by and all we have left is "what if?". Of course I advice that you should not get attached to any outcome nor get too attached to anyone, in this case him, because anything can happen and you need to be prepared for anything. take care of yourself girl ;)