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What is your preferences for a partner? Guys, do you like girls bigger or smaller? Girls, bigger or smaller? I like my guys from average to big, but I prefer bigger.

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Being pansexual I really don't care what my partner looks like. My first boyfriend was a little on the bigger side and almost 6 foot. I'm currently with a girl that is skinny and is 5'5". So...As long as I like the person the physical attraction comes later.
I like boys and girls. When it comes to boys, I prefer them to be taller. When it comes to girls, I like it when they're little because that's cute. Size doesn't matter much. I've had guys who were skinny, just as I had guys who were chubby. Personality is the most important. If their personality is what I'm looking for, then that's basically all I need to be attracted.
i dont really care what the guy looks like. altho i like tall guys cuz im also a little tall. but usually i get attracted to guys for who they are in person
It doesn't matter to me. I just prefer people to take care of themselves and respect themselves. Some people are bigger and some people are smaller, I don't hold it against them as long as it isn't out of control. There is a fine line between health and self-esteem, but that isn't my place to judge.
it doesnt matter as long as he or she is a nice person that i just happen to have fallen in love with
I'm a girl and I like girls.
Like in general.
That's it.
I personally prefer guys who are taller, but to be honest the heart really does matter before even if your not sexually attracted to someone for example who is bigger or who is smaller, if that person has a lovely soul it will shine through there imperfections :) thats the reality of it, as when you even settle down with someone for marriage or living together, beauty goes, and if they have a beautiful heart they will always be amazing in your eyes