Viaxin For preparedness for competitions, victories and records, the athlete needs additional protein. An athlete, boxer or bodybuilder gives all the best for training at 100%, so they just need to increase their intake of proteins and amino acids several times. This can be done either by increased absorption of food, or by using protein complexes. But to take that amount of food in which there will be enough protein, and at the same time not to burst, is physically simply impossible, and when to play sports, then? Therefore, in such cases, protein is simply indispensable. Protein is one of the types of sports nutrition that has nothing to do with steroids or other products that negatively affect the human body. This supplement is in the form of a powder, which when mixed with a liquid (water, milk or juice) becomes a protein shake. Such cocktails have different tastes – from chocolate to berry, so they are not only healthy, but also delicious. The composition of the protein includes, in addition to proteins, also fats and carbohydrates, but in smaller proportions. Read More:- >>

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