Blurry world


Ever since Thursday after my last major panic attack while crying. My world seems to be a bit blurry. I know it’s weird, but is it a side affect. I cried for about am hour and about 6 major panic Attacks followed up by 14 mini ones. This is a record for me not that I’m counting but it seems that there is like a very sheer piece of hazy glass constantly in front of my eyes. It getting annoying and sometimes makes me even more depressed. Any ideas on what’s going on?

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Panic attacks are something I don't count at the "scene of the crime'' but after words it's seems like a lot
Hello Miss Mary, you did the right thing in reaching out.

Yowza! That is a LOT of panic attacks! I can imagine that it has had a profound impact on your perceptions. Just the act of being that upset for that long can have tangible medical consequences, so it is no surprise that you are having some lingering effects. I would recommend you go and get a medical checkup just to make sure that you are okay. Also schedule a visit with a professional therapist so that you can start to learn to express and examine your feelings in a positive, productive, healthy manner.

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