Blah Therapy Groups: Topic of Sex?


Hi, everyone.

Are there any groups/forums on BlahTherapy on the topic of Sex that are both join-able and relatively active? I applied for group membership to reach the forums a few months back to about three of four similar groups but it seems they are no longer accepting new memberships or the group owners do not check the requests. :(

Also is there a way to sort the groups alphabetically when searching? When I click on “Alphabetical” up at the top it doesn’t appear to sort anything. Maybe it’s my web browser.

Thanks for your help!


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4 Answers

If you post in a group, someone will reply, even if they look inactive. These should work?
You can also create your own new ones if there isn't one that fits the question/s :)

Edit: Wait, looks like it's disabled now? Trying to find the creation page but can't find it anymore :\
Thank you for your replies.

Rinseandrep: I appreciated the direct links because it's quite tedious to search through all those pages for a particular one. The problem about posting on the forums is that most of the ones relative to the sex topic are private and therefore you cannot view posts or post yourself until you've been accepted. :(

Michael: Yes, I researched on how to do that and was quite disappointed that you can no longer create your own. I think it was largely due to spam as to why they disabled the ability to create groups. 'Til that changes I'll have to keep searching.

Thanks again,
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