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So just a couple days ago to start off the school year me and my sister decided to get henna tattoos for the fun of it. Now I know what color to get and what colors not to get. I specifically told the lady doing the tattoos to NOT give us black ink henna. My sister got a pink henna on her hand , as for me since the lady no longer had regular brown henna or pink henna i guess she sortve decided to wing the design i wanted and put black in it. I panicked alot as soon as i realized the ink wasnt turning bright pink while it was drying. The black looked like purple-ish liquid ink and so did the pink ink- so i couldnt tell the difference, i used a make up wipe to see if the black ink has irritated my skin or not and it came off like it was sharpie ink… i only wiped a little area cause if it wont harm my skin then i dont want to throw my 20 dollars to waste by taking it off- so can anyone tell me how long before Ill start to see rashes or if its safe black henna ? Just any advice would be greatly appreciated! :)

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1 Answer

henna tattoo's don't really give you rashes. Back in those days my friends just make DIY henna inks. I tried making one using the materials they've used .Just a black conditioner and blackening shampoo powder mixed together. the tattoo lasted for a month on my skin. it's fine.