Binge eating disorder help?


I used to have anorexia but now binge eating disorder has taken over and totally destroyed my body and my mind. I went from having a bmi of 14 and weighing less than 100 pounds to being over 200 pounds in only 2 years. It’s like I still have anorexia underneath all of my binge eating disorder. It is hell. I have been going to therapy for so long but nothing helps? I’ve tried everything but I’m starting to feel like I will never be able recover. If I try really hard I can go a week without a binge but then the thoughts start throbbing in my head and I cant think of anything else. I cant sleep or concentrate at school. All my thoughts are about having to binge. Then I break. It is like this big brick wall that I cant knock down.
But I dont have a lot of time. I feel like if I keep putting on weight I cant be alive. I can never let myself get to 250 or 300 pounds, but I have no choice? This thing is too powerful. I’m exhausted. I cant do it anymore. Not another day of this war.
I really need someone to talk to. I don’t know anyone who has even heard of this eating disorder. I don’t know how to escape.

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2 Answers

Please seek professional help. Not a therapist, but maybe a nutritionist or a special in patient place. You are worth way too much to hurt your body in these on and off ways. I hope you love yourself and become the best you that you can possibly be! You are beautiful
I have been in your position and the best advise I can give is that I cannot help you. Talking to a professional is the best way to go. And it is not something that automatically disappears because you go to therapy for a week or a whole year even. Everyone is different and unique in this. If you aren't happy or feel that your therapy isn't working then seek a second option... again from a professional. In fact, get as many options as you can.It is very courageous of you to share this with us, so I know you have so much strength in you and you will get over this some day.