Best friends leaving me out.. causing me to be depressed. help


my two i guess you could say old best friends who hated each other before are now all lovey, and best friends. They now don’t like me and leave me out of everything and don’t care about me at all. and their reasoning is “because i got a boyfriend” Im really upset about this all and i dont now what to do anymore…

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3 Answers

Girls are mean, and sometimes for no reason. To me, it seems they're jealous of the male attention you're getting. Don't allow them to make you feel bad for having a boyfriend and don't allow them to make you feel left out. Do things that you enjoy and invite them. If they don't want to go, it's on them but at least you are still a good friend. College is way better than high school and you'll make more friends. Try to mend the relationship if you can but there's nothing you can do if they're going to be petty.
Have you thought about just doing just a Girls night out? Relationships require interactions and individual times, yet let your priorities be known that you do have to give more time for your newer relationship.
Don't be upset about them; if they aren't there for you simply because you found a piece of happiness then they don't deserve you. I'm sure your boyfriend is worth more than those girls will ever be worth. Don't take it to heart - sometimes people just change and become horrible and nasty.
When I got with my now ex-girlfriend, I lost my best friend, and I didn't care because the love I received from her for however brief a time we were together was worth infinitely more to me than he ever was. If they're not there for you, they don't deserve you.