Becoming lesbian??


A lot of teens have changed their sexuality or have come out of the closet. So naturally I have a lot of LBGTP friends (nearly eveyone almost no one is straight anymore) They always say “oh you just THINK youre straight.” or “you’ll come out one day.” I pretty sure I’m hetero.

does that make me a bad person? will I become Bi or les because I hang out with those people?? am i a bad person because I don’t want to be lesbian?????

Category: asked August 15, 2014

3 Answers

Don't ever think you're a bad person, or you're wrong because of your sexuality! Everyone has different wants, desires, etc. if you believe that you're straight, then you are. No one can tell you that but yourself. Just don't let you're friends influence you like that, especially if you aren't comfortable. And also, if you think that being around them is going to change you in some way, it might. You might be curious at times, but that's okay. I can't tell you if you're going to become bisexual or a lesbian, it just depends on what choices you make and your thoughts. If you have other questions feel free to inbox me!
Just because you're not a certain sexuality doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. It just depends on how you feel or who you feel attracted to. everyone has a diffrent look on this. It only depends if you'll become Bisexual or Lesbian , you just can't controll which gender you're attracted to.Sorry if this isn't such a good answer as the last one i don't have much excperiance in this subject but i'll try n help :)
Of course not, being straight doesn't make you bad, just as having any other sexual preference does either. You are who you are, who've you've always been.

It's not something you get influenced by. If one would think like that, then you could wonder why there is anything but straight people in the first place, because surely your parents must have the biggest influence on you.

There is no use in trying to search for a logical explanation for something that doesn't have an answer. It just is. Some people take longer to discover who they are, some deny it, suppresses their emotions and needs out of fear of being rejected and judged. It's not a choice you make, not a decision someone can push you into. You, and only you, can answer the question for yourself. And you should never, ever, be ashamed of feeling the way you do, or worse, for what you don't.