Bad medications?


Has anyone ever been prescribed meds that really set them back, or did more harm than they did good? What did you do to bounce back from that?

Tags: asked April 22, 2014

3 Answers

You wouldn't believe how much medication i take a day..there is a big list! and believe me when i say some medications can really set you back...for example i inject my self weekly and this injection lowers my immune system, which means i will catch viruses so easily and become ill very easy and i have..which means i have to stop them to recover and then start again and it always makes me very fatigued you wouldn't believe how much that can affect you...and then i got other medication such as tramadol (for pain) my god they make you trip...makes you feel like you are really drunk and feely sicky..but the pain go's away but i dont think that trippy feeling is worth i dont take them for the good medication you have to find the right one that suits your body the best for example i am taking one that relives my pain and helps me sleep at night...i could go on and on about the list and my problems but i wont...but dont hesitate to message me if you want to know anything...i could give you advice on what would be good etc
I personally haven't but I know a lot of medications for things such as depression can possibly cause people under 18 to feel suicidal.
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