Baby daddy drama


So I am a 19 year old single mom to a 15 month old little boy. His father is 16, and I know its a big age difference. Whatever. Anyways, I have full custody of Carson, he’s not even on the birth certificate. He is in a juvenile rehabilitation center for drugs, Assaut 1st, and domestic violence against me.

He or his family neither one help me financially with Carson. Very rarely they will buy him a box of diapers, and I have to ask them. I have to pay all my bills plus support him on my own. And I don’t have a job because I go to the community college and don’t have any time to have working, too.

I want to get him for child support so I can have money to take better care of him and buy him new clothes and diapers and wipes. But, I’m worried that he and his parents will try to take custody of him if I do that. Carson doesn’t have his own room where i’m staying now and I think that will look bad. But like I said, I cant afford anything else right now.

So, what do DHR people look for when deciding which parent keeps custody? Because I need help but don’t want to risk losing my son because of it..
If anyone knows I would be very appreciative if you could tell me anything.

Thank you so much.

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4 Answers

the fact that you and your son share a room isn't going to look bad, it'll be more of a reason for the government to help. the charges on your babydaddy's record isn't going to look good on his side at all so he really can't even try fighting. get child support, it's your baby's money either way. but I can tell it'll be a bit difficult due to the fact that your babydaddy is only 16.
Make him pay child support. You deserve to get child support, and I don't know why they would try to take him away. You shouldn't let that worry stop you. He does drugs, assaulted someone and abused you, you can argue all that in court.
The problem with demanding child support is that he then receives rights to see his child. You should talk to social services in your area and see what your options are before you start any official paperwork. You might also call a few family lawyers and see if they could review your case for free before committing to making a legal stance.
Well he gets a check for $1200 every month. I forgot to mention that part.