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I’m an artist on a popular website with at least 700 followers. I am very proud of how far I’ve gotten and appreciate my followers; however, my profile picture is that of a character I created, of the opposite sex, and people have believed that I am that person. I hate my true self being known on the internet and prefer anonymity, so I lead quite a few people on–including some good internet friends– that I’m this mysterious character, and they all seem to buy it. I worry about it so much long should I keep it up? Should I reveal to my followers who I am one day? I feel like my fake identity has created a barrier from me uploading art that I really want people to see, because the character I’m being is part of one of my major stories who fall in love, and it would be obvious that I am not who I say I am, if I upload the art. And I really like my internet friends, so I feel like I’m being a catfish and lying to them; it’s just in the beginning I just wanted a FACE for my art blog, so I simply chose my character…being myself on the internet is something I can’t do because the internet can be a terrible place, y’know? How do you think my followers and my friends will react? (my internet friends are not close and personal to me; they are mutual followers that every once in a while interact with me on the website, they think I’m pretty cool.)

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You could pass off your "persona" as an OC, an original character. Since you're an artist, especially on a website, I'm guessing you know what that is already. You don't have to trash this character you created for yourself if you really liked it, you can still use it to create a kind of flair, but don't let it usurp your whole personality.

Now, if you feel this way, you should start opening up, if you're not yourself, you are not happy. Art is supposed to express yourself, not hide. You shouldn't be afraid to post what you want, it's your own art. If you keep things inside, it will eat away at your soul, and hurt you in the end.

If you'd like, you could create one art account for your character, and another for your own personal art, and let the ones you trust, e.x. , your online friends and others see it. But either way, I would be honest with your friends, just tell them, you really need to tell them something that is important to you. If they are true friends, they won't mind, they will not judge the real you, and they will not get mad at you, or think you are odd for creating a persona. If they are judgmental and negative about it, they are not true friends and only liked you for your character. It is a risk you might have to take, but this way, you can see who likes the actual you.

You will feel better opening up, trust me, You can also start with a Q&A panel, or a video with a biography about "introducing the person behind (name of your identity here)" or, "what (name) is really like!" You can make this, fun, interactive, and let people know more sides of you. It's always good to be honest.