Are there any counselors that are actually private?


In the sense that they wont report you or lock you up based on what you tell them? I can’t keep bottling things inside me… I’m gonna explode. but I don’t know what to do. I can’t tell anyone anything, can’t tell them my thoughts.

asked December 1, 2016

24 Answers

Counselors are actually private, I believe. Unless you are a harm to yourself or to others, they are not required to tell anyone. Your counselor should actually say explain the rules of confidentiality, and if you have any questions, you do have an opportunity to ask them. However, in some states, counselors are required to report concerns of child abuse or neglect. If you are a potential victim or criminal, the counselor is required to tell the police.
If your thoughts are about self harm or harming other or criminal acts. You will be reported. If this is the case it might get help without causing any harm to yourself or anyone. Everything else is normally confidential.
Hi there EMOagaistALLodds, Normally you won't get reported unless you talk about physically harming yourself or others or committing a crime. If you do have these thoughts (not trying to be a jerk) It would be in everyone's best interests including yourself if you got reported as it will end in you getting the help you need. Everything else should be confidential between whoever you are talking too.