Are my standards to high?


I’ve never had a serious relationship. I’ve never been intimate with someone before and sometimes I get lonely for human intimate interaction. I just want a relationship with a guy that can pass these requirements:
-understands me
-is responsible
-has a GED or dipolma
-has, keeps a job
-understands that I’m a homebody
-finds me attractive
-would fight to keep me
Thats basically it. Is that asking too much? Should I be looking for more or less things? Where would I find a person like that?

Category: asked May 24, 2014

7 Answers

You should expect nothing less, but I'm pretty sure you deserve much more.

I know someone with standards higher than yours but I think that what you want in someone is just right. We all want someone who can support us emotionally and financially--especially if the end goal is marriage. I think that a good thing to do will be to wait. It's such a stupid cliche and is easier said than done but that's really just it.

But as you hold your standards, don't forget to also let go a little bit and be open to guys who can't offer you all of this but wants to love you with all they have. Through this, you'll also be able to realize that you are capable of being attracted to someone who is not in your standards. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. At least you gave it a shot. That's what matters. No regrets! I know what you feel because I have standards higher than yours. Bit more difficult on my end, actually :)
It's perfect. Everyone needs a soul mate that really understands them and can support them. If you feel it's too high or low , that's your understatement of a good guy. I support everything you said, and I think that your list is perfect! Go out there and find the perfect man!
Those should be most people's standards. They are not too high at all! The right person will come around, if you're patient :)
Has a GED or dipolma may be some thing that not every one will have,but I believe that it is important to set your self standards and dont lower yourself for any one.
You need to know whats important to you and why be satisfied with some one who you are only half comfortable with.It is better in my opinion,that you dont just want any one,you dont say yes to just any one who want to date you,and then regret it.
Ive know people who have decided that who ever asked them out ,who ever wants to be the boy friend or girl friend,they say yes to,over and over again and are never happy.
Yes! we need to get to know many people to see what we will ultimalty settle for if and when something more serious is on the cards.
If you go as a group of friends and do things together...then may be you will get to know some one well,see how they are with manners,how friendly they truly are and if they have what you are looking for etc, before any one on one connection happens, then perhaps this might be the better way of seing what some one is like and what they do etc and then you can start looking at developing a relationship with them,as you will know more about them and what they are realy like already.
I hope this helps a little.Good luck and be patient, it will be worth it.
It's good to have standards. You don't want to settle for the wrong person just because you are lonely or bored. However, it is also important to give people a chance sometimes, because they might surprise you. I'm quite the homebody as well, but I'm dating a man who loves having a very active social life. Our relationship works because we compromise - he spends weeknights at home with me, cooking, watching movies, and walking our dogs, while I go out on the weekends with him and our friends. Is he the type of person I would normally gravitate towards? No. But I think our differences complement each other and bring out the best in one another. He keeps my life fun and interesting, and I keep him grounded. I also think you need to realize that a guy can't just "understand" you right off the bat. It takes awhile to get to know someone, and you have to be willing to open yourself up to other people. Guys can't just read your mind. As for "willing to fight for you" ... I don't really understand that. If a guy is making an effort to get to know you and make you happy, then he's fighting for you.
I feel like your biggest problem in meeting the right guy might just be that you are a homebody. You won't find anyone if you stay home all the time. The best thing you can do is just get out there and meet people. Summertime is the best time you could ask for to meet people in casual, fun environments. Go to the pool/lake/beach, plan a camping trip, arrange a volleyball game, etc. Invite your friends and tell them all to invite all of their friends. Having a larger group takes the pressure off, and a fun activity will keep you busy. If you have your eye on someone, ask them to be your teammate on a game of Chicken or something. Just relax, have fun, and get out there! Good luck!
Sorry to be "that guy" but standards are so stupid. I would much rather date a woman who is jobless and is very nice then a woman who has a job who is mean.