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I like one of my female classmates who’s also our class representative. I was about to be made the male class representative but out of nervousness of working along with her, I declined that kind of an opportunity. (She was the one who shouted out loud my name of all other boys, yes)
The thing is, she is the girl high scorer in our class, and I’m the boy’s. She also seems to hold some kind of high expectation from me which often confuses me about whether she just thinks of me as someone different from the others or someone special.
I really like her to such an extent that even my grades are dropping now, while she still scores as high as ever. And I also want to talk to her every once in a while so that I can at least get to be real friends with her, which I’ve always failed at. She approached to strike a conversation with me many times, but like the dumbass I am, I always remained silent or just ignored (I really feel depressed about it now) because of my nervousness around her, and she just went without receiving a comeback most of the time.
I have always thought of getting into a relationship only after I reach the 10th grade (I’m in 9th right now and 16y/o, while she’s about 2 years younger than me), but I’m scared that if someone would confess to her by the time I’m ready to tell her, it will be too late for me.

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Im in a similar situation with several girls in my class, who I feel like dating and therefore it sort of distracts us but I think we enjoy each others company and feel like its just a phase that we can correct, but to me it's worth it , my problem is that I wish we can just move on to the most important action. And that's less thinkin and more sexual encounters but some time s assignment s need to b completed but anyway im going to ask the second girl who I started talking with because the one that I first started talking with dosent admit that she has feelfeeling s for me and even the she has a boyfriend she tells me if I have a girlfriend but im alredy done waiting and want tp to be with some one really bad. So next time I see the second girl im going to ask her out not caring if the 1st girl is going to be offended but she has a counter part so I'm sure she'll come to her sense s . But im going to approach her because were all going to feel better once you see who's with who.