Applying for colleges, is junior year my only year to make an impression?


I didn’t do well academically in my junior year, and I know I wasn’t at my academic potential. My SAT and ACT scores didn’t meet required for the college I want to get into. My GPA cumulative now still passes my college recruitment though, not sure on my ranking. And I haven’t started senior year. If you could suggest people or sites, anything that could help me with senior year and college things that would be just as great. I know I can do better, I’ve done it before, why am I not now?

Plus I have other things but GPA is my major focus when I get money (scholarships) for college since no one else can help me (other things to pay).

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2 Answers

Take classes that your interested in, itll be do much easier to do good in them. I blew off my high school years except my senior year. I went from a 1.8-2.0 to a 3.0 and ive been accepted into the college i wanted without act and sat. Remember they also look at character of a person too! Make good ties with teachers, be the person they wish they had in their alumni. Youll do fine, dont sweat it!
I guess this is pretty self answering. I'll study for the SATs and retake them, prepared, and the ACT if they're necessary. For senior year bring out that academic potential . For that year and college stuff I know what I want to do, and I should just go for it.